The Daily Highlight will give you focus.

Harshal Murkute
2 min readJul 8, 2020
Writing daily with focusing on daily highlight.
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The Daily Highlight. Now, this was a tip I picked up from this book, “Make Time”, by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky.

One of the key insights from this book is that, every day, we should have a single highlight; the one thing that we’re going to focus on for the day.

So, for me, the highlight of today is to write this post on medium. The highlight for yesterday was to figure out setup of my desktop.

The way I write it out is that, every morning, I write an analog list in notebook. And I have three sections. H, G, and, L.

The “H” is, “What’s my daily highlight?” So, today: post on medium. “G” is something that I’m grateful for. The “L” is something to let go of. And I want to let go of fear. And I’ve certainly got a lot of fear about doing certain things that might be a bit rogue.

But, essentially, most important thing: having a Daily Highlight — having a single thing that you’re going to focus on for the day. And I found that to be a really helpful way to point myself in the right direction, and then I can start pouring fuel on the productivity thing.

But once I know what direction I’m pointing, everything falls into place, and that’s what I get from the Daily Highlight.

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